Custom Makers of Great Apps!

How do you create an app that will stand out and be widely used?

That’s the key question that we focus on at Fission Media. The app must address a ‘need’ –whether it’s to entertain, educate, facilitate or sell.

The Process

Every media project starts with an idea. We help you realize that idea via the key steps to developing mobile apps: Defining the need, researching the market, defining the competition, and the potential for sales. We then define the structure, the user interface (UI), the server connectivity (APIs) if required, the user experience (UX), design mock-ups, cost estimate and timeline for completion. You are involved every step of the way, from the production plan through the stages of prototype, Alpha and then Beta testing, and finally the launch into the Appstore and or Google Play Stores.

The Staff

At Fission Media we use local professionals on all our projects. In this way, you get the talent and experience required along with quick and precise interactions.

Tom Dodd is a co-founder and the president of Fission Media. He is the creative lead and producer on all our projects. Tom has over 20 mobile apps and 400+ TV programs to his credit plus a dozen or more documentaries for such companies as the BBC, NFB, Access TV, CBC and ITV (UK), – many of them award winners. Prior to forming Fission, Tom was half owner and Executive Producer for Critical Fusion, a multimedia company. Though he is still very active in video production, his focus is now on mobile. His experience in business and both the digital and film industries serve as the foundation for the development of well-managed, diverse new and exciting mobile applications. Contact him: (780) 405-4734 or email: