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This amazing app has taken several years tin development.. We ran into a series of delivery problems and, after solving them, along came Covid 19. On the positive side, we survived and now are in a position to start promoting a phenomenal one-of-a-kind puzzle app. PUZZIO makes it possible for you to create your own puzzle of you and your life instantly…and then send it on with a time limit to complete to a friend or family. Check out PUZZIO at There are three versions: iPhone, iPad and Video that present increasing levels of complexity. This app is loved by young and old alike. Try it.



After 10 years of success, Budget with Back in Black continues to surprise us. The feedback we keep getting tells us that this app is the best personal budget app out there.. We have no recent data to support the fact that users like its simplicity and ease of use. Using a step-by-step approach, the user can quickly set up their income and fixed expenditures…and start logging their day-to-day expenses (to form a budget). Back in Black is only available on the Apple Appstore. Our hope is to add a new design, an Android version and some newer features this coming year. Stay tuned and start budgeting. It can make life so much easier.

Budget with Back in Black

Back in Black

This app is designed to help an individual quickly and more accurately diagnose a skin disease. Although primarily aimed at medical students, nurse practitioners and other medical professionals, any individual can benefit from using it. The reader is encouraged to try this novel approach.

Download Dermatologist In Your Pocket from iTunes!

Dermatologist In Your Pocket

Dermatologist In Your Pocket

Spirit Runner is a new iOS app for iPhone and iPad, designed to help youth be more active and get fit. It has a number of unique features that make it possible to quickly log a variety of activities. The app is supported by its own tracking tools and step counter. It provides a variety of rewards when activities are completed. 
Spirit Runner was designed to target Aboriginal youth, but can can be used by anyone wanting to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Check it out.

Visit the Spirit Runner Web site

Spirit Runner iOS App

Spirit Runner iOS App Download for Free!

We designed a great app for the AUPE, the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees. (The largest union in the province of Alberta.) ). This app had everything that an employee needed to track:. quick access to their support desk, instant access to their employment agreement, daily union news, quarterly magazine, list of upcoming events, instant discount application, push notifications, etc. Unfortunately, they decided to cancel the project. We suspect it was because they realized the app needed regular servicing, and depending upon what’s happening, that could require two people or more. It’s too bad, but it included a number of valuable lessons. Primarily, apps are living organisms and depending upon their complexity, require constant updating and promotion.



A new iBook to help doctors recognize and treat common skin problems.

Edmonton’s Fission Media is proud to announce the release of an iBook to help medical professionals better identify 25 common and important skin problems. The book is called Rapid Fire Dermatology and is the brainchild of Dr. Benjamin Barankin, a leading Toronto dermatologist and author, and Dr. Anil Kurian, a University of Alberta dermatology resident.

The two hit on the idea of taking their handy little book and moving it to a tablet format. Fission Media convinced them to go with an iBook for the iPad to start. “iBooks are becoming more and more mainstream in today's society and given the high level of interactivity with this type of book, it is both educational and fun to use at the same time,” says Dr. Kurian.

The book presents a series of high quality photographs of common skin problems along with an outline of each case. A set of multiple-choice questions makes the book more fun and relevant. Once they complete the questions, they’re presented with an expert analysis from the two doctors along with recommended treatments. According to the doctors, this practical book should help take the mystery out of dermatology.

Dr. Barankin is convinced the book will be a hit with primary care physicians, pediatricians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, medical students and residents. “Case-based scenarios in medicine are a well-received and highly utilized style of learning among physicians and trainees. We aspired to integrate a large number of dermatological case-based conditions packed into a succinct book with high quality images. We also decided that, in this day and age an App would be of great value to many healthcare providers.”

Fission Media’s President, Tom Dodd, foresees an explosion in the use of iBooks. “They’re more interactive, more portable and easier to produce than paper based books. This form of publishing is also much easier to update for professions that are constantly changing,” says Dodd.

Fission Media is currently working on an iBook for breast cancer survivors.

Have an idea or traditional book that would benefit from the iBooks format?

Contact us today to take advantage of this new phase in publishing.

Rapid Fire Dermatology
iBook available now!

Rapid Fire Dermatology iBook

Download the iBook today from the iTunes Store:

Rapid Fire DermatologyRapid Fire Dermatology iBook

Santa GPS

Track Santa in real-time, get North Pole news, send him your wish list and use the naughty or nice meters!

Santa GPS not only shows your children where you live in relation to the North Pole, but also packs a variety of features to entertain them leading up to Christmas. There’s a daily blog posting by the Chief Elf, the ability to write a letter to Santa and post it, save your child's wish list for later reference (New in the 2012 version) and naughty or nice meters to assess their behavior. Then on Christmas Eve, children can track Santa’s journey as he leaves the North Pole and traverses the globe in real-time, with the visual image that counts down the minutes to his arrival on their doorstep!

7 Sleeps Until Christmas

By Stuart Adams

This beautifully illustrated app consists of eight interactive letters from Santa that act as a countdown calendar up to Christmas day. The carefully crafted responses from Santa Claus answer children's questions about the caring, sharing and giving values of Christmas.

Christmas Apps for iOS

Christmas Apps for iOS

Download them today from the iTunes Store:

7 Sleeps Until Christmas 7 Sleeps Until Christmas for iPad